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Single automatic swing gate

Name: Single automatic swing gate
Model: ZM-1
Specification: L2400*W1200*H1170mm


It is built on the international advanced photoelectric inductive technology with the micro chips controller mainboard and imported main parts.
It can run over 1200,000 times with steadily
performance. The frequency of the gate is between 10 to 15 seconds (optional). 
Power supply: 220vac/50hz

Main tower is made with 1.5mm thick glazed stainless steel; the standing pole is made with 60*3mm steel pipe; the horizontal pole is made with 38*3mm steel pipe. All of these are chrome plated.
emergency, the gate can be opened in reverse way. After the alarm is stopped, it can be back to normal using automatically.
additional, it can add extra functions such as the alarm of reverse entry and people flow counter.
There are several
spare holes
on the standing pole so that it can fit all the gates and guardrails of OSTAR series.




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