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Store fixtures prove to be an essential part of the product line any retail equipment manufacturer as it caters to customized product display requirements to varying needs. Products such as Bags, Purses, Clothes and others need very varied and customized solutions for product display and therefore require expert customized fixtures manufacturers. Store fixtures are also used for showcasing luxury or costly product such as jewelry and can on the other be also used to showcase electronic appliances such as cell phones, cameras and others.

CEMU is a highlight when it comes to professionally constructed store fixtures with any possible custom requirement. Store fixtures from multi layers and levels to simple tables and displays are only few of the ranges of store fixtures that CEMU specializes in manufacturing. Our store fixtures also include shelves such as cabinets, shelves and multi layered furniture. These store fixtures are used for various purposes and thus can be applied for product displays in various presentations. Books, Magazines and News papers are some of the other highlighted products which cater to these store fixtures also. Custom Wire display shelves with painted and displayed product logos and designs are used for specific product carriage with respect to the brand being displayed. These shelves may be custom made to match the brand's display requirements. Products such as soft drinks, juices and others are some of the products that carry this image with themselves. Multi dimensional stand with attached hooks and ledges for product hangings are another type of essential store fixtures widely used in the industry. These particular stands are used specifically to hang products such as clothes, purses, bag and others. The sands prove very beneficial as they carry multi level layers and can carry and display at the same time with utmost effectiveness. CEMU's store fixtures also include fixtures with applied slat walls and the particular accessories.

Be it any situation, you are bound to look at CEMU's store fixtures used widely in the industry with trust.

Store fixture
Store fixture
Display rack
Store fixture
Display table
Store fixture
Store fixture
Display Rack with Wheels
Display rack
Display rack
Display cabinet
Store fixture
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