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Trolley & Cart
Storage Cage & Roll Containers
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Shelves and racks used for various retail and showcase purposes has been CEMUs prime product offered in the industry. CEMU specializes as one of the leading Supermarket Shelving Manufacturers as a result of the wide over the time experience it gained through serving numerous requirements and providing numerous solutions. CEMU prides itself as one of the premium suppliers of shelves and racks due to the various ranges it has to offer to various standard and custom requirements. CEMU guarantees itself as the one stop solution provider to the retail equipments. Being a highly responsible supplier CEMU being the prominent Supermarket Shelving Manufacturers has been certified by various associations to create a trustworthy profile for itself.

CEMU provide a wide range of shelves and racks to the retail industry. These shelves and racks are manufactured and designed in various dimensions such as layers, sizes, loads, finishes, looks, shapes, and materials so every need could be thoroughly catered to. CEMU offers shelves such as Four Way Shelves, Four Stand Shelves, Euro Style Shelves, Round Shelves, CD Shelves, Basket Shelves, Display Shelves, Cosmetic Shelves, Heavy Duty Shelves, Back plate Shelves, Webbing Shelves, Double Back Shelves, Disk Racks, Warehouse Racks, Book Shelves, Light Duty Shelves, Pushed Back Shelves and various shelves upon custom requirements. These shelves are manufactured upon various materials and loadings to cater to the wide storage and showcase needs in the retail industry.

These shelves and racks make CEMU amongst the premium supermarket shelving manufacturers. As long as detailed requirements exist, CEMU is sure to provide you the best Shelving, Storage and Showcase solutions you require for your respective products.

Wooden finishing shelf system
Light duty shelving
Four way shelving
Four stand shelving system
Four stand shelving system
Light duty shelving
Euro style system with conner
Round shelving system
CD shelving
Special shelving
Special Panels and accessories
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