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CEMU being known among the prime entrance control system with an excelling automatic swing gate has also been highly experienced in supplying solutions to entrance control system requirements in the retail industry. CEMU prides itself in supplying entrance control systems while the best manufacturing processes through the highly trained R&D and Design staff. These Entrance control systems are created through state of the art technological processes and are quality revised throughout the whole procedure. With the high quality strength metals, circuitry and materials used, CEMU has assured the best entrance control systems it has to offer.

CEMU in its excellence provide a wide range of entrance control systems to the retail industrial requirements such as Swing gates with Manual and Automatic Finger print reading mechanisms,, These gates come in single swing as well as dual swings. CEMU offer variously coated removable rails for crowd management purposes with stretchable straps attached to the poles. CEMU offers rotating gates use for entrance control purposes on various applicable locations. The main highlight of CEMU comes in its Tripod Turnstiles with different styles and fingerprint reading mechanisms. These come such as Barrier Bridge Style, C Stand Style, Waist Height Turnstile and Full Height Turnstiles. CEMU provides automated Swing Gate squares, Swing gate bridge bevel edge, Block Gate and Swing Gate Bridge round. For safety purposes CEMU provide ranges as Bumper Rails, Steel Loops, Heavy Duty Protector, Steel Column Protector, Protection Rails, Steel Bollard, and internal Protection Posts.

The Entrance Control solutions provided by CEMU are capable to withstand any retail environment with highest effectiveness.

Single automatic swing gate
Single swing gate
Dual automatic swing gate
Dual swing gate
Swing gate with lock
Steel Railling
Fixup spring entry gate
Removable Rail
Rotating gate
Turnstile B--Bridge Style Round Corner
Tripod Barrier, Bridge Style Bevel Corner
Turnstile C--Stand style tripod barrier
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